The average cost of flight training in Europe

There are always discussions on how to fund flight training, but there’s another important question that needs to be asked before you start saving. How much does flight training cost?

There are two simple answers to this question, but it depends on which type of pilot training you wish to undertake. 

An Integrated Training program is a full time commitment and usually takes up to 18 months to complete. Generally speaking, taking this option in Europe costs between around €90,000 and €125,000. 

Modular training allows students to stop and start their training as funding and lifestyle allows. Some finish their entire training over an 18-month period, but most complete training in an average of 24 months. The average cost of this option is between around €45,000 and €70,000. 

For both types of training, price depends on the school, location and duration of training. 

Following the completion of training, many airlines require inexperienced pilots to complete a ‘type rating’, which is in addition to the frozen ATPL. This permits a pilot to fly certain aircraft. 

With most airlines, it is expected that as a trainee you pay for this additional qualification, including approximately 40 hours in a simulator as well as six take offs and subsequent landings. This could cost up to €35,000.

This takes the minimum spend of the options to around €80,000 and the maximum to €160,000.

As always, options and costs depend on country training in, individual school and (if applicable) airlines training with. Research your options first and ask all the right questions about costs and financing when contacting flight schools.

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