A rewarding career as a flight instructor

It may be that you’ve always wanted to have a career in aviation and to fly for a living, but maybe commercial flying isn’t for you. If that’s the case, you could still have an incredibly rewarding career as a flight instructor.  

It’s a job that provides enough hard work and challenges to be satisfying, but it’s a very different path to flying commercially for a living. And where there is demand for pilots, there is also a need for teachers. 

(You can find out a bit more about how to actually qualify as a flight instructor here.) 

There may be changes in the aviation industry that make you reconsider your options, or you may find that during your training you are suited to a career in instructing. Or maybe you always realised that teaching was for you. 

If you naturally enjoy helping people out and sharing your skills and knowledge, these opportunities will come to you on a daily basis as an instructor. Knowing that you are assisting students in achieving their goals will be a worthwhile experience. 

Meeting new students and colleagues will be a pleasure for a ‘people person’ and there is an opportunity to build a really positive working relationship with those who are learning to fly. When taking someone with no flight experience to a fully-fledged pilot, there’s bound to be a positive connection, which could see you tracking their career path beyond flight school. 

There’s also the advantage of being able to balance work life with family/personal commitments, something that is difficult as a full-time commercial pilot. The working routine is more regular, without being tedious. No two days are the same and having a number of students at different points of their training keeps it interesting. 

That doesn’t mean that becoming a flight instructor is an easy option – there are challenges to be met. Not every student is going to sail through their lessons and the course. You will need to be able to teach students of different abilities and confidence levels. 

There are also opportunities to progress your career and work your way up to become a Chief Flight Instructor, so there is always incentive to keep working hard and keep learning. Just because you teach, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve and learn! 

While some pilots do make use of teaching in order to build hours, there’s also a really rewarding career in flight instructing itself. If you’ve always been interested in a teaching career but you also love to fly (or would love to learn), this is a good path to follow. 

If you’ve got patience, you’re confident in your abilities and you’d love to fly on a daily basis, consider becoming a flight instructor as a full-time career. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not ever become an airline pilot, it’s something that could be open to you as an option when you’re ready.

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