Hour Building Options

Hour Building

Hour building is an essential part of your pilot training. After you have gained your PPL & Night rating before your next step is hour building. Hour building is the fun part of the journey as you progress further and work towards your CPL (Commercial Pilots License) you must build up 100 hours as PIC (Pilot in Command) of an aircraft. You can use a wide range of light aircraft that are compliant with your newly received PPL license.
The best part about hour building is the freedom and opportunities it presents to a new pilot. A lot of European pilots convert their license and travel/relocate and hour build in the USA, especially Florida and Arizona, due to the ideal weather conditions and low flying costs.

It highly depends on what type of license you would like to gain FAA or EASA one. The training can be individually combined the way, so you could visit and get experience both in European and US aerospace. A lot of the major US flight schools have both ICAO and/or EASA certified license conversions and instructors.

Financially, hour building in the US is cheaper and it’s pretty amazing to fly above the Everglades and Key west down in Florida, or even the Grand Canyon in Arizona. However, the weather is considered almost to perfect and it’s doesn’t provide any challenges or difficulty for pilots.
Another alternative and cheap option for pilots would be to hour build in countries such Poland, Spain and Greece which all have good flying conditions with favourable prices.

This will allow you to become familiar with European air space and ATC communications. If a pilot is looking to have an impressive CV while also enjoying a challenge, they should consider Northern and Western Europe. Countries such as Ireland, UK, Iceland and Scandinavia are known for their unpredictable weather, which consists of rain, wind, low cloud visibility and many other challenges that mother nature can present. While the challenge and conditions are less favourable, a young pilot will improve their instrument rating skills, while gaining confidence and they battle the elements of nature.

There is several factors to consider when a pilot is looking to start is hour building process, but make sure to give it thought, between – cost, location and aircraft available.

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