I want to become a pilot. What now?

The absolute first step to becoming a pilot is realizing that’s what you want to do as a career. Once you’ve made your mind up, there are a number of things to research as well as steps to put into place.  

If you’re at stage one (having decided that becoming a pilot is what you’d like to do), here are a few pointers in the right direction. 

Pick what subjects to study at school or college. 

This may not be applicable but if you are choosing which subjects to study for exams or deciding if you want to go to college or university, these articles may help you out: 

Work out if you can afford flight training. 

There are lots of factors to consider when funding your training to become a pilot. Work out if you can afford it and how you will make payments. Check out these articles for more information: 

Research the life of a pilot. 

Will you be able for lifestyle changes? How will your family life change? What are the best (and worst) things about being a pilot? If you know anyone who has made the journey from pilot school to being a fully-fledged pilot, chat to them. We’ve also got some stories from pilots for you to read: 

Choose what type of training suits you. 

There are two main types of training; Integrated and Modular. You can learn all about the differences between them and how they would suit you here:

Obtain your licence. 

You need to get your head around which licence you will need and how to go about getting it! This article might help. 
 You can’t make progress without the relevant licence so find out what you need for your chosen career path.  

Pass a medical. 

There are two types of medical; Class One and Class Two. The Class One medical allows you more freedom than a Class Two, so it’s recommended to try and pass it first. 
 We’ve put together some information on what to expect from a medical here. Or if you're wondering about eyesight, there's more information on that here

Pick your school! 

This is obviously a really important part of your training. The course and institution you pick has to be right for you. You can search for available courses here. Again, research the schools you are interested in - talk to students and tutors. Here are a few questions you might like to ask

There's also information on licences, medicals, assessments and more in the 'Becoming A Pilot' section of this site.