Five things to include on your pilot application

When it comes to filling in applications, writing cover letters and completing your CV, there are a few basic things to remember to include.  

This advice will, of course, come in useful when applying for pilot jobs, but it could also give you something to consider throughout your pilot education. Keep in mind whilst studying that these things will be included on your job applications – results and experiences matter, so give everything you’ve got to be able to proudly include it on your CV. 

Qualifications and training
You should list all of the certificates, qualifications, ratings and licences that are relevant to the role you’re applying for.  When mentioning licences you should also add any expiry dates. Also include medical certificates obtained and date of renewal.  

Write about your further education as well as which flight school you attended and grades achieved. Include training in simulators and practical training, remembering to mention types of aircraft you learnt in as well as location. 

Flying hours and experience
When writing about hours flown, break it down into total hours, PIC hours, second in command and any other relevant circumstances to highlight. Again, this could also be an opportunity to mention aircraft flown in.  

Include any other experience you may have clocked up during your training. If it’s not your first job, also detail other airlines you’ve worked for and responsibilities. 

Outline your desire to apply for that particular role, describing why this is the job you want to go for over any others. What have you done to get to this point and what are you willing to do to excel in the job? 

Relevant skills
Whatever skills you have learnt throughout your training, as well any from extra-curricular activities – list them! If you also have any extra certificates or awards, they could be good to write about. This is an opportunity to let your prospective employers know that you’re the perfect candidate!  

Airline specific information
Tailor your application to the airline you’re applying for a job with. Make sure your skills match what they’re looking for in this role and that your objectives match their ethos.  

Do your research into how they operate, aircraft, history, staffing etc. Be specific to the airline and don’t just create one generic CV and cover letter if you’re applying for more than one pilot job at a time.

Bonus advise!
Check, double check and triple check your application. Don’t make any spelling errors and make sure you’ve matched the right job details with what you’ve written – the requirements, skills and experience.  

There’s no harm in reading the job description again and then reading your application all the way through to make sure they sit well together. 

Always keep in mind that you will face stiff competition from other candidates. Additionally, airlines are looking for pilots who take pride in their work, are accurate and are meticulous – your whole application should reflect that about you. 

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