What is MEIR?

The Multi Engine Instrument Rating is the qualification required to operate safely in instrument meteorological conditions, under Instrument Flight Rules. It means that a pilot is able to fly aircraft using only the instrumentation in the cockpit.  

This skill enables flying in cloud and other circumstances that would reduce visibility. 

To be able to complete this course, you must hold a valid Class One (with a CPL) or Class Two (with a PPL) medical. There are also entry exams covering the topics of air law, aircraft general knowledge, flight performance and monitoring, human performance, meteorology, radio navigation and IFR communication. These can be taken as part of the ATPL in most circumstances. 

Training consists of about 30 hours in an FNTP2 simulator and 15 hours in an aircraft followed by the flight test. This qualification is further to the PPL and CPL. 

There is also a ground course in conjunction with the training. Testing is carried out by both a written exam and a practical test. The practical exam involves both questions on the theory of flying under IFR and a skills test in flight. 

The course layout, fees and entry requirements can vary by school and by region, so check your options out before committing to the course. 

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