Five things to expect from a cadetship interview

If you’re hoping to enrol on a pilot course via cadetship, you’ll first have to pass an interview to be accepted. There’s plenty of preparation you can do to be ready for it and to give yourself the best chance of getting on to the course. 

Here are a few things to expect from the interview and some helpful ways to prepare for potential questions: 

Competition is high
You’re not the only one applying for this cadetship and everyone else has been swotting up and improving their skills as much as you. You need to make sure you’re sharp and well revised for the interview process. Standing out from the other candidates (for the right reasons!) is important. 

Question topics are diverse
There are many elements of becoming a pilot that your interviewers will want to know about: your technical knowledge, how competent you will be as a pilot and aptitude. Think about each in detail before your interview and revise where possible. 

Teamwork examples
Think beforehand about how well you work in a team, with examples. This is a key skill in a career as a pilot, where working with a wide variety of people is a daily occurrence. Some examples should also include how well you have lead a team, so if you are asked about your leadership qualities you can also discuss that confidently.

Negative experiences
There are times when we turn negative experiences into a positive. Across professions there are interview questions to work out how well you deal with negativity and a pilot career is no different. You may be asked about how you have dealt with disagreements or how you have come back from any setbacks. 

Know the aircraft and airline
You could be asked questions about the specific fleet of aircraft that the airline and the school you are interviewing with is using. You should learn the technical details relating to that particular aircraft. You should also know about the airline as you may be asked about it during the interview.   
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