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Build Confidence - Unlock Success

Flight Deck Wingman’s techniques will help to make you successful with any airline or sponsorship application and assessment. Read on to discover more…

Supporting Pilots

Of All Experiences

  • Aspiring Pilots - Are you at the beginning of your journey? We can help! We understand the investment you are making into your future careers and will work closely with you at every stage, helping to unlock success.
  • Current Airline Pilots - Looking to move airline? We are flying with you to give you the best chance of making that all-important move to your dream airline. Choose from a range of individual and group services, that will ensure you shine at each & every stage of your assessment.
  • Military Pilots - Not only was Flight Deck Wingman founded by a former Royal Navy fast-jet pilot, our team of “Wingmen” are all ex-military and understand exactly how to help you translate your experience into a powerful application.


Here’s what just some of our clients have to say about us:

Aspiring Pilot – Ryanair “The Flight Deck Wingman team are incredibly insightful and knowledgeable about what airlines are looking for in a candidate. They taught me the techniques I needed to succeed, which gave me great confidence during the assessment day. I would wholeheartedly recommend Flight Deck Wingman to any pilot.”

Military Pilot - British Airways “ passionate, dedicated and personal service from an Ex-military pilot that cares. What’s provided is a very strong product that will provide you with Tips, Tools & Procedures (TTPs) that will guide you through the airline selection process. Such is the product that it will aid preparation for any job selection and interview process. Ultimately the results speak for themselves; I gained 7 job offers in 6 months (mix of airline, Foreign Air Forces & MOD contractors) plus got into the BA selection process. In sum a great product that I can’t recommend enough.”

Cathay Pacific Pilot - Virgin Atlantic “Flight Deck Wingman came highly recommended from colleagues who had recently used Flight Deck Wingman to help transition to a new company. This was exactly the service I needed, offering invaluable support which fully prepared and specifically tailored my interview style. After many years away from the interview environment, Flight Deck Wingman’s interview coaching session built confidence, gave a clear technique to approach all likely questions and focussed my attention on the company I was applying for. I highly recommend Flight Deck Wingman to give you the best chance of success in your new chosen job - you won’t regret it!”


If you are looking for the complete track on preparing for your Airline or Academy Assessment, then look no further and attend a Flight Deck Wingman Airline Assessment Preparation Course! You will be trained in and have an opportunity to put into practise, the competencies and techniques that the recruiters are looking for, giving you the techniques and the confidence you need to shine. What can you expect from the day? Read on…
  • Airline Case Study – Understanding an airline and its ethos is key to success. Our techniques will teach you how to transmit this at interview.
  • Interview Training – Targeting airline competencies is vital. We will train you in the core competencies you need to shine during your personal interview!
  • Group Exercise Training – CRM and Human Factors are vital in the airline world, working as a team in order to achieve a safe and successful outcome. We will ensure that you understand the key skills that will make you shine during this process designed to select the pilots that airlines require.
  • Psychometric Testing – Give yourself the best chance of being successful with psychometric tests that are frequently used by many airlines during the selection process. Pre-course study material will ensure that you uncover the areas you need to work on to achieve success!
  • Group Exercise Practical and real life Planning Exercise x 2 – Together, you and your team mates will work together to solve two very different fictitious scenarios. Get ready for an in-depth post flight debrief from your Wingmen!
  • Interview Practical – An opportunity to practise navigating those tricky interview questions! Flight Deck Wingman will provide you with invaluable feedback and support, plus you’ll have the chance to watch the other course members deliver their answers – a real benefit to all on the course!
  • Post Flight Debrief – Your Wingmen will be by your side to talk everything airline and answer any other questions you you might have about life in the airline world.

I attended a Flight Deck Wingman interview preparation day and a matter of weeks later got offered my first airline job from the first interview I attended. I attribute this success largely to the Flight Deck Wingman team, who not only teach you the techniques to recognise and know the style of answer and competencies that the assessors are looking for, but also give you the confidence to deliver them in a first class manner. I would absolutely recommend Flight Deck Wingman as a necessity for anyone looking to ensure they give themselves the best chance of securing a job. Emil Benson – Aspiring Pilot to FlyBe


A former Harrier pilot and current Senior First Officer on the Boeing 787, Flight Deck Wingman’s founder Andrew has passed selection processes for many of the UK’s major airlines including Jet2, easyJet, Thomas Cook and British Airways. Andrew, has over 27 years flying experience, and more than 13 years experience in the commercial aviation world, operating for both charter and scheduled airlines, and has held type-ratings and operated the Boeing 757/767/787 and Airbus 320/321/330 on both long haul and short haul.

With a network of airline contacts and other pilots, Flight Deck Wingman’s mission is to support pilots of all of experience and backgrounds into the flight deck of their dreams.

Maybe you’re considering a career as a pilot, looking for sponsorship, or to secure your first commercial flying role, or indeed if you’re considering change of airline, our airline application, preparation and support packages will give you that extra edge to secure you that all important flying job in this competitive industry.

For all you great guys and girls leaving the Armed Forces, then as a former military pilot having made a successful transition to the civilian aviation sector, Flight Deck Wingman’s founder Andrew, understands just what it takes and what it means to apply to the airlines. Many military pilots follow a well trodden path when completing their ATPL exams and flying courses. Make Flight Deck Wingman a natural part of that process, and let’s all be part of one successful team.


Courses are originally priced in GBP

Company Course Price*

Assessment Preparation Day Courses

Alton, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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  • Airline Case Study
  • Interview Training
  • Group Exercise Training 
  • Psychometric Testing

  • Group Exercise Practical
  • Practical Interview Assessment 
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CV and Covering Letter Service

Alton, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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  • Full review of content/layout
  • Targeting specific airline competencies 
  • A 100% bespoke service
  • +£20 for 72 hour service
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Skype Interview Coaching

Alton, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Time to complete: 1 hour1 hour
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  • One-to-one Skype coaching bespoke to you & your chosen airline 
  • Targeting specific airline competencies
  • Powerful preparation, especially when combined with the ‘Flight Deck Wingman Guide to Passing Interviews & Group Exercises’ (£50)
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per hour

Interview and Group Exercise Written Guide

Alton, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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  • How to answer questions and participate in the group exercise (with over 150 current airline interview questions and a guide on how to construct answers). Large matrix of qualities that the recruiters will be looking out for during this stage of the process.
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One-to-One Bespoke Training

Alton, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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  • One-to-one Bespoke Training 4 hour session.
  • Training in the techniques to be successful. 
  • Practical session covering all the types of interview questions.
  • Includes follow-up support and copy of the Interview and Group Exercise Guide.
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Airline Pilot Skill Test

Alton, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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  • Airline Case Study.
  • Interview Training.
  • Group Exercise Training.
  • Psychometric Training.
  • Group Exercise Practical.
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