Pilot Menu are delighted to announce Flight Deck Wingman as a launch partner

We are delighted to welcome Flight Deck Wingman as a launch partner with Pilot Menu. Our Managing Director - Donal O’Connor -  was lucky enough to catch up with Andrew and asked them a number of questions, which we are delighted to share with you below. 

What was it about the Pilot Menu offering that enticed you and your brand Flight Deck Wingman to get involved?

I created Flight Deck Wingman to offer the best support, at real value for money, to pilots of all backgrounds and experience levels seeking their dream job on the flight deck. The market for pilot training and the services surrounding it, which includes job application and assessment support, was (and still is) saturated with companies that didn’t seem to be offering anything different. Flight Deck Wingman is passionate about acting ethically, especially in an industry where benefitting from pilots “hopes and dreams” of becoming an airline pilot is all too common. The world of pilot employment and training has changed significantly in the past 3-5 years. Recruitment is at levels I have not seen in my 14 years of airline flying, yet many training organisations do not seem to recognise the new world of the digital age and ways of working. What appears to be an increasing amount of careers fayres are being advertised and still relying on both aspiring and experienced pilots attending in person to meet with airlines and training organisations. Few companies and more importantly pilots, directly benefit from these events, instead of wasting valuable time, often to little avail. Pilot Menu has a different approach - utilising an online platform, supporting companies and organisations that deliver quality training and services to pilots, and all with transparency. This gives the pilots and aspiring pilots the ability to locate and investigate the very best options, no matter what stage of the process they are at. Flight Deck Wingman is excited to be part of this new dawn of pilot training, particularly of course when it comes to getting that dream job on the flight deck. Get in touch with us to learn more!

It's been a busy 12 months for you and your team - what's next on the horizon?

It certainly has! The past 12 months have seen exponential growth for us, not just in numbers, but also in the client base that we support. As an ex-military pilot (founder Andrew), I initially grew the company from a client base of military pilots transitioning to the civilian airline world. However, word of mouth about our fantastic success rates has now seen rapid growth from non-military clients too. Not only this, but just over one year ago, we moved from being an online only training provider, to offer additional services in Interview and Group Exercise training on our industry-leading “Airline Assessment Preparation Day Courses”. These courses have proved to be incredibly popular and to date, we have assisted over 200 pilots, with successful clients joining more than 28 different airlines and academies - 99% of our clients are successful at their airline assessment day!*

As such a busy man - flying the B787 Dreamliner with a major UK scheduled airline flying - what drew you to wanting to focus on interview preparation?

I have always had a passion for helping people. During my pilot training, I began to notice that some of the best pilots don’t always make the best instructors - it’s a skill to be able to find a way to help someone with areas that they need support in. Of course, the same is true for any form of training, including airline assessment preparation training! In an industry where seniority often plays a huge role in career progression and where pilot lifestyle can vary so much, it’s so important to get into the airline that’s going to be right for you for the long-term, as soon as you can. Combining my passion for helping people, with an innate ability to get the best from them, Flight Deck Wingman is able to help people realise their dreams and positively influence their future careers. It’s a really great feeling when we get a call from yet another successful client telling us that they got their dream job!

What can we expect from your partnership with Pilot Menu in the near future?

Flight Deck Wingman is looking forward to a variety of ways to assist pilots, and in association with Pilot Menu, we will create a “new dawn” of support for pilots both entering and within the industry. We will look for new and innovative ways to add to our already successful offering of support and services - helping pilots get that dream job on the flight deck.

Brexit: Your stance? Opinion?

We are receiving some queries and questions from pilots about the likely ramifications of Brexit on the pilot job front. Clearly none of us have a crystal ball, but one thing that Flight Deck Wingman can say, is that being prepared to excel with any airline application and assessment process is key. One of Flight Deck Wingman’s strap-lines is “Techniques Not Tip Offs”. Why? Well having the techniques to apply to and be successful with any airline selection process is key to success. Relying on “Tip Offs” regarding selection processes is not an effective way to prepare - if the set of circumstances you were expecting do not manifest themselves during the process, then without the techniques to think on your feet, you are highly unlikely to impress. Why not book on to one of our Airline Assessment Preparation Courses to learn our techniques and be ready to enter any pilot job seeking process with confidence - you never know when you might need them!

*does not include those that are still in the process or have been unsuccessful at their simulator assessment

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