Pilot Menu are delighted to announce OSM Aviation Academy as their launch partner

OSM Aviation Academy has their headquarters in Västerås, Sweden and have recently expanded with a new training location in Arendal, in Southern Norway last year. The academy is also looking to strengthen their presence in the United States and southern Europe in the near future. OSM Aviation Academy focuses on providing Airline Ready Pilots to their partner airlines through integrated programs and Pilot Menu are delighted to partner with them. OSM Aviation Academy offers a conditional job offer to all students who are accepted into their integrated programs. 

“With the addition of their new B737-800 FTD-1 simulator in their Swedish training base OSM Aviation Academy are really positioning themselves to increase their student numbers and continue to supply Airlines such as Norwegian, SAS, FlyBe and many more. Pilot Menu is about giving flight schools a platform to present their courses to the wider public and giving students full transparency on what options they have. The OSM Aviation Brand is one that I’m delighted to welcoming on board and I look forward to further building the relationship with them” . Founder ~ Donal O Connor

“At OSM Aviation Academy we are in the process of expanding to meet the rising global demand for Airline Ready Pilots. Last year we opened a third training location in Norway, adding to the capacity we already have in Sweden and California. As we look to increase the volume of students we take in across Europe and globally, we saw the Pilot Menu offering as something that would be of great benefit. Students pay a lot of money to become professional pilots and they should be presented with a clear understanding of all the available options before making their decision. At OSM Aviation Academy we fully support bringing this transparency to the students and are looking forward to work with Pilot Menu to reach a wider audience and build future successes.”

If you want to talk to OSMAA further please do so by contacting them through their Facebook page or sending them a message through their contact page

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